“Just two weeks ago my mom got a Urinary Tract Infection and started talking like a baby, out of her head with crazy stories and is uncontrollable. How long before this is over?”

Stories like this break my heart and I hear them a couple times a week.

This is a very common problem I am sorry to say!! A UTI is as dangerous as any life threatening disease when it comes to dementia or Alzheimers patients. In fact, as we age those that show no signs of decreased mental clarity can suffer great mental set backs.

A person may recover as the infection clears and the antibiotics leave their system, but complete recovery may not come. With each infection or surgical procedure their capacity lessens. There may be a huge loss of ground each time. Or the loss may be gradual. There may be recovery at times and very little at others. Aging and dementia and Alzheimer’s can be devastating.

Take my advice. Agree, agree and agree some more with anything she says! Take your parent as they are. This disease is terrible but patience is key. Many of us have gone or are going through it with a family member. Someday, I’m certain I’ll be there as a dementia person myself.

You may be one of those that try to correct and get her back on track. That part of the disease was mine! This disease cannot be challenged, only placated. Cherish her, do not regret!

Pray and work for a cure.