We had talked about everything else and now the obvious. “I can help you with all of your planning for your estate and end of life decisions.”

“Oh, no! I have all of that taken care of…years ago. I put all of that in place. A Will, a Power of Attorney, a Living Will. I even have a check list of how I want my funeral to go.”

We had already talked for an hour, so I left the conversation there. The fact is, 80 % of my clients have these items in place. That doesn’t help with the two biggest concerns you will face, or should I say THAT YOUR LOVED ONES WILL FACE as you approach your last decade of life and beyond.

The high likelihood that you will require Longterm healthcare as do 8 out of 10 Americans will lead to two problems: 1) It will deplete your savings so that you will have nothing to pass on in your Will and 2) require the sale of your home for the repayment to the government should they give assistance.

These are the very reasons why an Elder Law Attorney is such an important professional for everyone of us to consult. A General practice attorney will not put in place the protections necessary for guarding you agains these to dangers. Unless the attorney that drafted your Will is knowledgeable in these specialty areas, you are likely in the same situation as most of my clients: You had these things done years ago, but We need to redo them because they won’t protect you if you have to face long-term healthcare expenses.

As an Elder Law Attorney, it is our specialty to help you save your assets and make it easier for your loved ones. Contact us so we can beginning to save you everything you worked for over your entire life.

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