Being a caregiver is extremely difficult at times. Receiving Care is difficult as well. The emotions related to our living and loving each other are intense, and they can lead us toward guilt. has helpful insights into the emotional dynamics in caregiving.

Ever thought some of these?
1. I have no life of my own and I’m sick of it.
2. Mom acts like my boss even when it comes to what I eat.
3. How much longer can I keep this up? There is no light at the end of this tunnel.
4. Dad has no clue what I give up to do this. He thinks his care is routine.
5. Everybody wants a piece of me – there’s nothing of myself left for me.
6. I can’t even take a bath without someone needing me.
7. Nothing I do pleases them – they are never happy.
8. I just want to scream, run away, hide somewhere, or change my identity.
8. Maybe if I just take all of Mom’s sleeping pills I won’t have to wake up to this again.
10. She is suffering so much. She’s been half dead for months. Why can’t she just let go and die?
You are not alone in these emotional times. Read more for insight into these Caregiver Confessions: See Article.
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